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We offer you prominent and value-enhanced services to help you with travel visa related queries ensuring you to have truly enriching travel experience.

We are well known in the immigration circle for our specialized services & are praised by our clients for enriching their experience in Visa facilitation. We have a global presence with a strategic network globally. We have been highly regarded as one of the best in the industry when it comes to delivering a pleasing and timely visa service to our customers. Be rest assured as we are looking into the tiniest detail possible.


To offer quality driven services to clients interested to migrate, travel or visit anywhere in the world. To give the best world class service to our prestigious clients.


To be globally recognised as one of the most prominent travel consulting company.We promise to be models of excellence and processes.

Our Commitment

Since we believe that a Company of your reputation depends entirely upon the services you provide to your customer, we also will abide by your principles and live up to your highest expectations.


We are Tulip Travel Ventures incorporated in 2015 in Pune under leadership of Director Sayali Barve,.She  is well travelled​ person and was living in Germany,Dubai, Malaysia for almost 15 years in these countries before settling in India in 2009.
Having  passion for organising skills did various events and shows on Music concerts,Trade shows  and exhibitions, for Industry Corporate shows etc. With this varied background and having had a practical experience in travel for more than 30 countries and had passion to share the knowledge of her experiences then decided to help all who deserved  this bit .She continues  this sharing under Tulip Travel Ventures and events to form a new name soon for a shelter combining Travel and Events forming Traventz as a brand for  division of Tulip Travel Ventures.