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We are a collective of explorers who are passionate to travel, we strive to open minds, shift perspectives, learn new things and make a difference. Our passion is to inspire young people through life-changing travel experiences.

We are counted among the leading holiday package service providers. Travel around the world with Traventz range of exotic, affordable and luxurious holiday packages. From domestic holidays to international holidays, get the best rates on your preferred holiday destinations. Our itineraries are specially designed for a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience.

We take care of all your travel arrangements. Never mind if you prefer to go with an Indian group only or a Global group, a specially customized exotic destination or an adventure trip in a jungle or want to spend some time on an idyllic beach, We offer all your travel requirements under one roof.

Beer Tour

Come with us to taste local and unique homebrew beers, visit truly local pubs, learn about local beer, its history, production and discover the traditional Beer Culture.

Want a true taste of German culture? Take your taste buds for a tour at one of Germany’s many breweries and explore the rich history of centuries-old beer brewing in Germany.

According to the purity law of 1516, German beer is only made with four ingredients – water, hops, malt, and yeast -, but that doesn’t mean that all German beer tastes the same. You can wet your whistle with 5,000 types of beers, crafted by over 1,200 German breweries. From thousand-year-old monasteries to state of the art facilities, discover the art of beer in some of Germany’s best breweries; all of them offering brewery tours and beer tastings.