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When you plan to visit Europe, it’s so tempting to do everything – to visit every single city of our planet’s most diverse continent – stand on top of the Eiffel Tower, view the beautiful city of London atop the London Eye, Ski down the majestic Alps, buy a cuckoo clock in Germany, to name a few or just indulge on a gastronomically journey! But of course, unless you have years of time off, it’s going to be a little difficult to do it all! So just to make your life a little simpler, and mine very tough, I have chosen the top 5 European cities everyone should visit.

United Kingdom

Start your top 10 European countries tour by exploring the length of the United Kingdom from London all the way up to Scotland via Wales. Cover the Lake District and other quaint little towns en route, exploring the university towns of Cambridge and Oxford. Visit the northern parts of Scotland for sheer untouched, natural beauty and medieval castles. You will feel like stopping at every turn to capture it on your camera! Take a ferry or fly to Northern Island and relax at the most amazing beaches, eating fish and chips!


The natural beauty of the majestic Alps, placid lakes, castles, museums, quaint villages, cosmopolitan cities, shopping for watches and fine writing instruments, Swiss knives and cutlery amongst other specialities. Wine tasting, chocolates, cheeses and the superb cuisine, that’s Switzerland for you!


Visiting France is almost synonymous with visiting Paris. But there is more to France than just the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and other well-known landmarks of Paris. It’s a place for beautiful beaches along the Riviera, incredible scenery, historical and picturesque chateaus and even some great wildlife parks. Cycle through the rolling countryside of the Champagne region and the Chamonix Valley or drive through parts of the French countryside to enjoy a culinary journey with amazing French food and wine.


‘The Sound of Music’ is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Austria – rolling hills, the snow-capped Alps in the background and the crystal clear lakes. Austria is also the capital for western classical music, with famous composers like Schubert, Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss who were either born or lived here. Their compositions are played in world-famous concert halls by the best orchestras like the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Apart from the cultural side, Austria has some beautiful medieval palaces along with some amazing modern architecture. With all this to offer, Austria deservedly qualifies as one of the top 10 European countries.


Germany is a beautiful part of Europe and has a lot to offer. Its contribution to the world of classical music is indisputable – experience the compositions of great composers like Bach and Beethoven, played by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. It also has a rich legacy of art and architecture. Their food is also a serious matter. Enjoy wholesome and hearty dishes with a large selection of sausages along with a glass of draft beer. The Oktoberfest is a well-known beer festival in Germany. Roam the Black Forest region and the fairytale castles. Take a cruise down the Rhine and enjoy picturesque wine tours.

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